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Alien Blaster

Your mission is simple: stop the invasion of the aliens and blast them!


12.07.2010 Alienblaster is now available in Android Market
28.06.2010 added link to Pandora port
18.02.2010 added link to Android port
24.01.2010 added link to AROS and FreeBSD port
19.11.2007 added new review
08.11.2007 added link to AmigaOS4 port
10.09.2007 added link to GP2X port
26.05.2006 site has been down for a few days - sorry, for the inconvenience
21.10.2005 updated link to os/2 & eComStation port
02.06.2005 updated link to amiga port
10.01.2005 at least... now we have links to all those committed port-writers. Thank you guys!
21.11.2004 this site has been unavailable several times due to severe hardware problems... sorry about that.
19.08.2004 release of version 1.1.0 with new gamepad/joystick support


  • many aliens to blast
  • a big bad boss
  • different weapons
  • special items
  • cooperative mode (2 players playing on 1 computer)
  • gamepad/joystick support
  • arcade mode with highscore
  • open source
  • published under GPL
  • runs with Windows and Linux


screenshot arcarde mode

screenshot singleplayer mode


Alien Blaster uses SDL.
"SDL Library" (1.2.7 tested) and "SDL Mixer Library" (1.2.5 tested) must be installed.

Downloads (current version: 1.1.0)

alienBlasterWin-v110.exe: (5.7MB) self-executable installer - includes binary for Win32, gamedata and SDL dlls

alienblaster-1.1.0.tgz: (6.3MB) includes sources and gamedata

"Honorable mentions"

This section is dedicated to all those who provide ports or wrote long/interesting reviews (well, longer than our description ;-P). If we forgot to mention you, please send an email. We are very sorry, this section took us much to long!

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