The first way
Needs root

Use kill:

adb shell ps => Will list all running processes on the device and their process ids
adb shell kill <PID> => Instead of <PID> use process id of your application

The second way
In Eclipse open DDMS perspective.
In Devices view you will find all running processes.
Choose the process and click on Stop.

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The third way
It will kill only background process of an application.

adb shell am kill [options] <PACKAGE> => Kill all processes associated with (the app's package name). This command kills only processes that are safe to kill and that will not impact the user experience.
Options are:

--user | all | current: Specify user whose processes to kill; all users if not specified.

The fourth way
Needs root

adb shell pm disable <PACKAGE> => Disable the given package or component (written as "package/class").

The fifth way
Note that run-as is only supported for apps that are signed with debug keys.

run-as <package-name> kill <pid>

The sixth way
Introduced in Honeycomb

adb shell am force-stop <PACKAGE> => Force stop everything associated with (the app's package name).

P.S.: I know that the sixth method didn't work for you, but I think that it's important to add this method to the list, so everyone will know it.

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